Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Please Stay for an Hour.

When your breathe enters into my lungs
its like a January.

My house
becomes like the size of your eyeballs,
my room
becomes a galaxy of your scent,
your voices growfrom the root of my ears.

Please stay for an hour.

This one hour would be a roof of time
under which the fingers of our heartbeat
would hold each other.

Lets travel beyond light-year
as you and me can digest time
and lets talk in white words.

Let white be
the colour of our religion,
the colour of our country
and a chromosome of our gender.

Please stay for an hour.

We will roll hashish
on papers torn from history books
we will smoke it
looking up at the open heart of the sky.

Lets talk
not about the bullets of a gun
but about the bullets of our mind,
not about the missiles in a launcher
but about the missiles of our thoughts,
not about the chemical bombs
but about the bombs of our dreams.

I know you have got only an hour
please stay with me for an hour.

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